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Our Vision

Jewelry is personal. If you love it, you will wear it. We don’t want you to settle for a piece that will sit in your jewelry box. It is our vision that you will walk into the Diamond Guild, and find that ‘just perfect’ piece for you or someone you care for, and that it will be loved for many, many years, maybe for generations.

If, when you enter the Diamond Guild, you don’t see the piece you love, we will make it for you. Select the precious metal, the gemstone, and work with us to design that piece that is you, or the person for whom it is meant.

That one piece. One at a time. That is our vision.


Our Mission

We have always been a family-owned and operated jewelry company. But, we’d like to think that ‘family’ is the operative word, and our guiding star.

That means our mission is to make sure you feel like a member of our family, to offer you our best work, at a fair and true value, with the best service we can provide. If we have accomplished these things, our reward is your smile, and we know we have succeeded in our mission.


Our Services

The Diamond Guild is all about jewelry, and we want to serve all your needs. Whether you come for a cleaning and inspection of your special ring, want to turn a ring into a bracelet, have that bracelet appraised, or need the clasp repaired, we are there for you.  We know you are not just shopping, when you walk in our door. Sit down with our experts, for a unique experience.

  1. Bridal Designs

    Choose from the beautiful designs of Martin Flyer, Gabriel & Co. or create your own! Our bridal specialists are here to help you. Call us for an appointment, or just come in!

  2. Artist Designs

    Jewelry is an art form! Many designers make their pieces, entirely by hand. Browse their wonderful pieces on our website, or stop by and try them on, and fall in love.

  3. Custom Designs

    Custom is what we do! Since we make our own jewelry, you can be assured that you will always receive the highest quality and value on all of your pieces, whether you’re buying an engagement ring, diamond earrings, or a pendant.

  4. Appraisals

    If you purchased your jewelry with us, we would be happy to provide you with a written appraisal for your records, and those of your insurance agent. We are also happy to appraise, by appointment, most pieces of jewelry brought to our store, and left with our onsite jewelry expert.

  5. Repairs

    Whether you’ve broken the clasp on your necklace, or the prong on your ring, in most cases we can make your special pieces brand new, again. Bring them by for our experts to look at, and give you an estimate for the repair or replacement of any findings, links, or stones.


Our Story

The Karten name has been synonymous with fine jewelry since 1945. For almost three quarters of a century, thousands of clients have trusted the Karten family for their every jewelry need. From engagement rings and wedding bands, to fun and beautiful, fine and fanciful jewelry, the Kartens have sourced only the best precious metals and ethically responsible gemstones from our dealers, to custom make every single piece we produce.

From the first inspiration to the final polish, the Kartens continue to lead the way in custom made jewelry, personal and professional customer service, and expert knowledge and treatment of your diamonds. After all, that is why we are still here, seven decades and counting.