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Share your jewelry concepts with our professional design team who will create the perfect piece of jewelry to meet your personal needs.  Whether you would like to freshen the look of an outdated item, turn a broken piece of jewelry into something magical, or design a brand new exciting piece of jewelry… the designers at The Diamond Guild are here to meet all your jewelry dreams!

Our Custom Design Process


It Starts With A Vision

Our professional designers will schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your desires and ideas. During this appointment they will look at any images you may have although images are not required. They will also examine any older jewelry you would like to utilize in the design, or present you with exquisite new diamonds and breathtaking gemstones. The appointment will conclude with our designers making any necessary recommendations and suggestions to help create your perfect vision.


Utilizing CAD Technology

The next step in the process is to utilize the latest technology to generate three dimensional, and to scale, images of your personalized custom design. Generally this process takes seven to ten days and upon completion our design professionals will meet with you again to assure all aspects of the design meet your vision and expectations.


Three Dimensional Modeling

After reviewing and approving your individually designed CAD, our master design bench jewelers then use the “Lost Wax Casting” technique to create a perfect mold of your new treasure. This technique has been used throughout history, dating as far back as the days of Cleopatra in ancient Egyptian times. The process creates a perfectly executed mold of your new piece. Once the wax mold is completed, molten precious metal of your choice is then poured into the mold, replacing the wax. Next your diamonds or gem stones are set, and lastly a final polish is given to complete your unique piece of jewelry.


Delivering Magic

The Diamond Guild designer, who has been overseeing each step of the process in creating the perfect item for you, will notify you as to when your custom designed piece is ready for pick-up.

The Diamond Guild, making dreams come true!